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    ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp NV
    Blikken, Haven 1662
    B-9130 Beveren (Doel), Belgium

    +32 3 210 09 00
    VAT N° BE 0890 083 183

    HR dept.
    +32 3 210 09 18

    Sales dept.
    +32 3 210 09 28

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    Change of CEO at ITC Rubis (08/04/2021)

    ITC Rubis Terminal Regulations

    ITC Rubis Covid-19 Interne nieuwsberichten & algemene richtlijnen

    ITC Rubis Covid-19 Information Letter (update 14/10/2020)

    ITC Rubis Jetty Positions (rev. feb 2020)

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    GDPR policy employees NL

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    Code of Conduct

    CDI -T Attestation (2021-2024)

    General Conditions for Quotations, Purchase Orders and Payment (update)

    ISO-9001: 2015 Certificate (2021-2024)

    Policy Statement ITC Rubis

    Beleidsverklaring ITC Rubis

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