Who we are

A warm welcome from our CEO, Pascal De Maeijer

ITC Rubis stores and handles flammable and toxic chemical liquids and liquified gases, which is not without risk for people and the environment. That is why ITC Rubis is extremely focused on SAFETY.

Our core value is: always safety driven. Our two “permission to play” values are: respect and honesty.

What we really mean by this statement is that all the decisions we have to take to run our daily business will be evaluated against our main core value, i.e. SAFETY. When we cannot do it safely, we will not do it. And only respectful and honest people can work for and with ITC Rubis.

Our vision is in line with these values: creating sustainable value for all stakeholders with focus on zero accidents, incidents & emissions, well-being, customer satisfaction.

The well-being of all our Stakeholders, Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers, Contractors and the Community is the top priority for us.

Pascal De Maeijer, CEO

Some of our company milestones

February 2008

Company founded

ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp NV was established in 2008 as a joint venture between RUBIS, an independent international operator specializing in the downstream petroleum and chemical sector, and MITSUI, a global 360 degree business solution provider. Shareholdings are through Rubis Terminal Infra SAS (a storage operator wholly owned by RUBIS), MITSUI & CO. Europe PLC, and Intercontinental Terminals Company “ITC”.

2008 Company founded (1)

September 2008

Construction of Phase I started

May 2010

Building bullets

October 2010

Commercial operations of the first tanks

April 2012

Further expansion of phase I

Construction of tank pit Nº3 started


Commercial operations tank pit 3, extra barge loading facilities


Construction of phase II started


Barge to RTC

December 2016

Commercial operations tank pit 4


Construction of tank pit 5A started

February 2018

Second rail connection

July 2019

Construction of tank pit 5B