Terminal details


Harbour Number 1662
Located at the Left Bank , Doel Dock, Port of Antwerp


Storage tanks:

ProductNumber of tanksSize of tanksTotal Capacity
Liquefied gas 4 gas bullets 3,500 cbm 14,000 cbm
Liquid products 48 liquid tanks 1,570-4,850 cbm 141,500 cbm
8 liquid tanks (*)  1,013-10,096 cbm 30,600 cbm
Total: 60 tanks 1,013-10,096 cbm 186,100 cbm

(*) Under construction



At ITC Rubis we have the luxury of having strong and flexible berths, as listed below.

Jetty No. 1 In operation for deep-sea vessels, coasters and barges (for liquids and gas)
Jetty No. 2 In operation for deep-sea vessels, coasters and barges ( for liquids and gas)
Berth No. 5 In operation for coasters and barges (for liquids and gas)
Berth No. 7 In operation for coasters and barges (for liquids)
Present    No.1 125,000 mt 270 m 47 m 16.0 m
No.2 50,000 mt 187 m 32 m 13.4 m
No.5 10,000 mt 135 m 17 m 6.2 m
No.7 10,000 mt 135 m 17 m 6.2 m
 New in service   No.3 167,500 mt 275 m 47 m 16 m
No.4 65,000 mt 200 m 32 m 14 m
No.6* 16,000 mt 135 m 17 m 9 m

Since the opening of the Kieldrecht lock on June 10th, 2016, the full draft of our berths is accessible.

* Berth No.6 is currently only in service for lay-by berth. 

Loading and Discharging Stations for Land Transportation:


Trucks and rail cars loading platforms for liquids and gases.


 Product Transport Unit Tank pit # Positions 
Chemicals   Truck   TP 1  2
TP 2 2
TP 3 3
TP 4, 5A 4
RTC TP 1,2,3 6
TP 4, 5A 8
Gas Truck Gas Bullets 2
RTC Gas Bullets 2
Transloading 8


Separate loading station for trucks and RTCs for chemical liquids in tank pit 1, 2 & 3. Joint loading station for chemicals liquids in tank pit 4. Approximately 5.6 km of rail tracks in place for the efficient handling of RTCs.


Gas Transhipment and Other Services at the berths:

Our unique set-up of two sets of Cross-Dock Lines offers transhipment services at our docks for C3 and C4 gas products, such as propylene, propane, crude C4, butadiene, raffinates, butenes, and butanes. Our Cross-Dock Lines offer a high standard of safety, connection to the thermal oxidizer for gas treatment, connection to the nitrogen system for the supply of hot or ambient nitrogen and various other services including the supply of steam, lay-berth and customs brokerage. This set-up enables us, under certain conditions, to provide various services for gas carriers, such as gas-freeing, inerting, gassing-up and transhipment.


Gas Transloading from ship into RTC for C3 and C4 gases:

Direct transloading of C3 and C4 gases from a ship into block trains or single wagons. For more info, please click here