Future Expansion

Future expansion plans for Phase-II  on our 14 hectares  concession  include the building of further capacities of mid-sized/large-sized liquid tanks, pressurized gas tanks and cryogenic tanks. With a step-by-step expansion a total capacity of up to 800,000 cbm can eventually be constructed.


The Left Bank is the area of development in the Port of Antwerp with a big potential for future growth. Its importance has increased additionally with the completion of the Kieldrecht Lock on the Deurganck dock (the largest lock in the world). The official opening of the Kieldrecht Lock took place on June 10th, 2016. The new lock allows maritime traffic to gain an even faster access to the docks on the Left Bank, including the ITC Rubis terminal. Now that the Kieldrecht Lock has become operational, our jetty will be fully serviceable with a draft of 16 meters and a deadweight of 167,500 mt.


Our future plans include construction on our Phase-II site of 14 hectares. Phase-II will be a step-by-step construction, involving small, medium and larger size tanks for liquid chemicals, gases and petroleum products. Phase-II construction started early 2015 and tanks became operational in the course of 2016. Over the years, our total capacity may reach up to 550,000 cbm. In Phase-II we will also expand our deep-sea berths to 4 which will result in a total of 7 berths. Being one of the few gas terminals in the ARA region, we will extend our various services to gas ships as well and we are also looking for opportunities to add up to 6 more gas bullets.


The first stage of our Phase-II development program involved the construction of Tank Pit 4. This tank pit consists of 14 new build tanks with tank sizes varying between 2,710 CBM - 4,850 CBM which became operational during the second half of 2016.


The second step in the development program entails the construction of Tank Pit 5A. This newbuild pit has a total gross capacity of 30,598 CBM with tank sizes varying between 1,013 CBM - 10,096 CBM. The construction works started in September 2015 and the tanks were operational in December 2017


Video "Construction of Tank Pit 4"



Plan Phase II (open for modification)                                                                 

Construction of jetty expansion (picture taken Oct 2015)                                                               


Construction works of tank pit 4


Construction works of tank pit 5A