About us

ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp NV was established in 2008 as a joint venture between RUBIS, an independent international operator specializing in the downstream petroleum and chemical sector, and MITSUI, a global 360 degree business solution provider. Shareholdings are through Rubis Terminal (a storage operator wholly owned by RUBIS), MITSUI & CO. Europe PLC, and Intercontinental Terminals Company “ITC” (a petrochemical storage terminal company based in Houston, USA - ITC is wholly owned by Mitsui). We are located in the port of Antwerp on the left bank of the River Scheldt at the Doel Dock, near the entrance of the Deurganck Dock with excellent access to sea, road and rail infrastructure. We have been in operation since October 2010. Our terminal is equipped in accordance with the latest standards for the storage and transhipment of liquid chemicals, liquefied gas and petroleum products.

History of ITC Rubis

      Feb. 2008 Company was established
      Sept. 2008 Construction of Phase-I started
      Oct. 2010 Commercial operation of the first tanks
      Apr. 2012 Further expansion of Phase I, Construction of Tank Pit No.3 started
      2013 Commercial operation of Tank Pit No.3 and 2 extra barge loading positions equipped
for liquid loading
      2015 Construction of Phase-II started
Jan. 2016 Start of direct transloading operations from Vessel into RTC for C3 and C4 gases
End 2016-beginning 2017 Commercial operation of Tank Pit No. 4
Dec. 2017 Commercial operation of Tank Pit No. 5A
Feb. 2018 2nd rail connection in operation

Location and land

ITC Rubis is located on the Left Bank of the Port of Antwerp at the Doel Dock. Being situated in Antwerp provides our terminal with a number of advantages. As the largest chemical production hub and the second largest port in Europe, Antwerp has an ideal access by water, rail and road, into and out of the continent, as well as inter-regionally.  As a storage company we serve our important role as the entrance, exit and distribution point, storage out-source, and trading tool in the European market, for liquid chemicals and gas products. Furthermore, we are located just around the corner from the world’s largest lock, the Kieldrecht Lock, which was officially opened on June 10th, 2016. Since the completion of the lock, our terminal is able to receive even bigger vessels, i.e. up to 167,500 dwt, and 16 m draft.

Storage Tanks

ITC Rubis is in operation. Our Phase-I construction (10 hectares) has been completed and construction of Phase-II is on-going.  Liquefied gas is stored in horizontal and mounded pressurized gas bullets. Liquid tanks are of mild steel or stainless steel, a state-of-the-art technology in pressurized and closed system, with double-sealed pumps, bottom-tight floors, top class fire-fighting facilities and other various devices to ensure safe and efficient operation. All tanks are connected to vapour treatment and a nitrogen purging system.  Some tanks are heated or cooled or have other facilities to meet special requirements in storing and handling various products of different nature.